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Essential and necessary to ensure your water is safe

Ionizers are designed to deliver two things: clean and healthy water. Proper filtration is critically important to achieving both. While all ionizers employ a filter to clean the water; all filters are not created equal. Most ionizer filters available today feature three to five stages and employ only granulated activated charcoal (GAC) together with some form of calcium.

The UltraWater Filtration System
AlkaViva’s revolutionary proprietary, patent-pending UltraWater Filtration System produces the cleanest, healthiest water possible for ionization. Click here to read more.

The Spartan
The Spartan Ionizer Shield is for those who demand a higher level of protection in both the quality of their water and in protection of their ionizer.  Click here to read more.

Ionizer Replacement Filters

  • Sediment Filter- This filter is used in the Athena only, in Filter position #1.
  • The BioStone Plus Filter - This filter is used by 4 of our water ionizers (Delphi, Athena, Melody & Venus). In the Athena it is used in Filter position #2 unless it is used in conjunction with a Remin Cartridge or doubled up with a second BioStone Plus filter in position #1. This filter is more effective at Chlorine, Chloramines and heavy metal reduction. To purchase a replacement filter for the Vesta, please click here: Click Here
  • Ultra BioStone Filter -To read more on The BioStone Filtration System  click here. - The finest water filter available for water ionizers. Used with all 3 water ionizers. Replaces filter in position #2 in the Athena only. Recommended for untreated (non-chlorinated) water sources.
  • ReMin Max Filter-To make it possible to energize "pure" water (such as water produced by a Reverse Osmosis system), minerals must be added back into the water. Our Remin Max contains a proprietary, healthy blend of inorganic and organic forms of calcium, magnesium bi-carbonates and 70+ organic trace elements.

Alkapod Replacement Filter-The AlkaPod filter should be replaced every 6 months, or when quality and performance decreases due to the volume of water processed. Click here to read more...

Scale Guard Inserts- To read more about the Scale Guard Inserts, click here. Intended for use inside your ionizer's mineral port, the Scale Guard Inserts address the issue of scale buildup caused by excessive calcium and magnesium.

Squeeze Replacement Filter- The filter for the ēlita PhD Squeeze should be replaced every 100 gallons or 450 full bottles of usage. Click here to read more.

External Cartridges (cartridges used outside of your ionizer; filter housing is needed for initial installation)


Vitashower SF-1 Vitamin C Shower Filter- Uses Vitamin C as the agent to effectively remove the harmful chlorine and chloramines.

Ecuador Filters

  • Ecuador Basic Sediment Filter This item is available in Ecuador Only. Replacement Sediment Filters are to be used in Athenas purchased in October 2009 or later.
  • Ecuador BioStone Filter This item is available to Ecuador only. The .1M BioStone filter contains layers of Tourmaline and Calcium inside an anti-bacterial carbon block filter. It helps naturally ionize and clean the water.
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